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Connectivity is Key


Writing is constantly changing due to technology. I focus on this main theme throughout my Prezi presentation. In class we have talked about how everything can be connected.  People learn through repetition and connectivity, which is why familiar buttons such as the link or comment button can be seen throughout social media sites. Our smartphones have applications which can connect to our tablets and laptops.  Their are various applications out their that are designed to sort through articles based on your interests. This applications are designed to make reading easier. The internet is a vast wealth of knowledge and as writers we need to know and understand the proper ways to use this information, without plagiarizing or violating copy write laws.  As writers we also need to understand that writing will continue to change and as a future teacher I’m prepared to teach students the values of typing vs. writing.


Technology: Changing the Way We Write


The technology around us is constantly changing and improving, so much so that over the past decade it had changed the way we write.  As a child I always wrote with a pencil and paper when doing assignments but over the years so much has changed.  In this prezi (auto advance 20 sec.) called Technology: Changing the Way we Write I talk about what it was like growing up writing and what it is like for kids today.  I talk about mobility of new technology and how work can get done anywhere now because of technology being so transportable and much more.  Technology is changing all around us and we must constantly be learning to keep up.