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Everyone Reads Differently!


Have you ever noticed that when you read you tend to play with the pages or fold the corners when you want to mark your place?  While reading a blog post called what are your reading habits and quirks? it got me thinking, what are my reading habits? So i sat down and did an experiment.

In order for this to work, so I wasn’t constantly thinking about what i was doing, I decided to read for an hour.  About a half hour into it I noticed that I would constantly just feel the pages, sliding my fingers up and down the page I wasn’t reading from.  I liked the feel of the page, and the fact that I can’t just sit still and read was taken into account.  I also noticed that I always dog ear the page as opposed to using a book mark.  When I read off of my iPad I tend to run my thumb along the side of the iPad as i read.

So I pass the question along, what are your reading habits and quirks?



Writing and technology


In J.D. Bolter’s “Introduction: Writing in the Late Age of Print”,(pdf) he says, “Those who tell us that the computer will never replace the printed book point to the physical advantages: the book is portable, inexpensive, and easy to read, whereas the computer is hard to carry and expensive and needs a source of electricity.”  Reading this made me laugh because we are see this happen right before our eye.  There is still a demand for the printed book but it is slowly dwindling.  I have an Ipad and a nook so when I read for fun I don’t go out and buy a book, I just download it.  Computers are becoming more affordable and transportable.  They are becoming lighter and more compact so that they can be carried around.  Yes the need electricity but, they have long battery lifes and are easy to recharge.  This quote just shows how much the world has changed in thirteen years since this was written.

In the article “Writing as a Technology”,(pdf) J.D. Bolter writes, “The technology of ancient writing is not only the papyrus, the ink, and the techniques of making book rolls; it is also the styles and genres of ancient writing and the social and political practices of ancient rhetoric.”  I agree with this, because there are letters that are no longer in the alphabet, such as the thorn, and because the thorn was not world wide when the printing presses were made they didn’t have a thorn so they used a y.  Writing technology of the past is not only actual things used to creating writing but also it is the actual language and writing itself.

“When in the history of writing a new technology appears, it may supplement an established technology or replace it.  Papyrus was replaced in the Middle Ages by parchment and paper.  In the late 19thand early 20th centuries, the typewriter replaced handwriting for business communications.”  We are seeing this happen right before our eyes with computers and handwriting.  We are using paper and pencil less and less and the computer more often.  The only time I use paper and pencil is in class to take notes, but other than that everything I do is on the computer.  I write all my papers starting on the computer and rarely do a first draft in a notebook.  I predict that in the next ten to twenty years we will no longer have a use for pencils and pens at all.