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We live in a world of change; nothing stays the same for too long. As things change, our needs change with them. While our needs are changing, we look for various means to satisfy them. J.D. Bolter’s articles not only demonstrate how writing evolved within itself, but how the human mind has improved as well, as the innovators grew aware of what needed to be improved and worked diligently to create a tool that would cease all concerns held by writers and provide them a utensil that would get the task done effectively, leaving them satisfied.

Bolter’s article entitled “Introduction: Writing in the Late Age Of Print” talks a little bit about replacing handwritten work with the printer. Sure, this invention is very convenient, in many areas; for me, it helps me keep my work and notes organized and neat. However, there are times when I enjoy doing things the old fashioned way. Personally, I tend to think more abstractly and openly when I am in the process of actually writing things out; I also found that I comprehend material better when I write it out. On the other hand, when I am sitting behind a computer typing my thoughts, I find I am easily distracted. Drawing from my own experiences, I do not think using the newer versions would have been beneficial in this case.

While most of the newer versions of today’s society serve their intended purposes, I do not think the previous versions should automatically be relegated as insignificant; because they most certainly are not. As Bolter states, “Just as late capitalism is still vigorous capitalism, so books and other materials in the late age of print are still common and enjoy considerable prestige, especially for humanities and some of the social sciences.” Although majority of time the newer technologies are preferred, we should not forget the times that the older models are preferred. In my opinion, we should give credit to the older technologies; because without the older versions there would not have been a starting point to build from to create the tools we use today.

Computerized technology has become one of the most common instruments used among people. While writing remains a vital element for communication, it is not the only vehicle for success or communication. In today’s society, the action of writing things out by hand, especially lengthy papers, is obsolete. Personally, I feel as though writing assignments out and then having to type them is too time consuming, I would rather just skip the hand writing step and go straight to typing. Typing not only saves time, but it is also more convenient. If a mistake is made, handwriting does not allow much flexibility, one mistake affects the entire sheet; whereas typing is more flexible, it allows a person to fix any mistake without having to start over.