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Technology is Always Changing


Throughout this course we have read many articles that have showed us how much writing has changed. Writing has now become more then just using a pencil and paper to get down ideas. In this Prezi The Journey of Writing  I take time to explain the differences between write and writing. I also show that writing is constantly changing. It has already transformed so much just from the beginning to now, that as our years continue on the way of writing will only continue to change over time. The change of writing in my opinion has changed for the better, it has made our writing process a much speedier one. What would take us hours to write a 5 page paper is no faster due to computers. Writing is always changing and always will be.


When watching my Prezi you just have to hit play.


To Much Flattery


According to the article Don’t Call Me Babe sometimes  flattery can be to much. “So with online dating, starting a conversation off with too much flattery, or the wrong kind of flattery, can be harmful to your success.” If you are looking to succeed in picking someone up online be sure to be yourself and not worry to much about the pick up lines. 

Although people love to be complimented and flattered, sometime to much can ruin any chance you may have. The girls can either read the corny pick up line and smile or cringe, and if your the guy you don’t want her to be cringing. There is a better ways to do this. When communicating to other people online try to avoid sweetie, honey, and even babe. People may think you are being tacky or are only after one thing. Try to come up with a better first impression sentence. This is how he/she will always remember you. Saying to a women “What’s up sexy?” is not going to give her a very good first impression of you.

So the next time you attempt to pick someone up, whether it be in person or online, be sure to think first. Always think of something that will lead to a greater conversation.

Love Never Ends


The feeling of being kissed is a feeling that you can’t explain. But when the kiss is coming from a person who you are head over heels for it is definitely indescribable. But even better then the physical aspect of another person, is the communication and connection you have with them.

Being in love and being loved makes everyone forget about life. In my case when my boyfriend plants his lips on mine, I can not think about anything else. Kissing someone when you are young is so much different then when you grow old. As young adults we don’t have as many bills to pay or places to go, we just sit back and enjoy the time together. So when it comes time to having a relationship when you are older it is extremely important to keep the communication and passion going throughout the whole relationship.

Another thing to remember is that having your first love be your only will never work. It is obvious that you will break up things will happen you will hate each other, but if the love is strong enough it will bring you back together. You as people need to continue to communicate no matter what. When people don’t communicate is when issues come about. The two people I read about in the article “My First Love Story.” Still communicate years later, they are both married and have children but they still talk once in a while. She enjoys seeing what him and his family are doing with their lives while she thinks back to high school when she thought that living together and family vacations would be done together.

Writing books with Children



In first grade we had the amazing opportunity to write a book. The whole class worked together to write a book about what they wanted to be when they grew up. 20 years from now when I am graduating college I am going to be able to look back at that book that we had published in first grade and see the goals I had set for myself. Fortunately for me I made my mind up in first grade and I never plan to change it. Each day I go to school I am working towards my goal of becoming  teacher.

In this article Writing a book with students the activity was done in a classroom who are older then I was. This was good because it took a lot of pressure off of the teacher because he/she designated four students as the leaders. This helps children learn to work together. This project helps with collaborative work, and it also allows students to see the people around them as colleagues. There is  as well as individual work. The students each get to give their opinions, but all the ideas will be their own. Students need to learn that working together is important because in life you need to learn that you ill always need to work with people in any job you do.

Digital Vs. Print


I found a very interesting article on twitter:

In the article on Galley Cat about how print text books lead to a higher comprehension level than digital textbooks, the author Dianna Dilworth discusses a study done with middle schoolers.

The study done at West Chester University, used middle school students.  Students were given the same reading material, in two different ways, one was in traditional print and the other was an ebook.  The study resulted in, the comprehension level was higher when the students read from traditional print.

This study presented at the American Educational Research Association in Philadelphia.  The study showed that the reason the students were not comprehending as much was because there are games and activities that go along with the eBooks.  Most would think that this would help the students understand the material better, but it in fact takes away from the material.

This information makes me think.  Should we be teaching children the most effective ways to read on a ebook? or should we be trying to have them use the traditional print textbooks for as long as possible.  In my opinion we should just start teaching what is going to be the future, and eBooks are the future.  What do you think?


Social Media Changes Communication


According to The Digital Universe, Technology is forever changed the future of communication. Can you imagine not looking at your phone for a whole day. I leave it in my car for ten minutes to run in my house and I freak out looking in my pockets to try and find my purse.


Having Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email and even texting has changed the idea of communication.  People have a more difficult time communicating now that they have some type of electronic device to hide behind. All verbal communication is slowly diminishing due to technology.




People think that social media such as Facebook or Twitter would be the main form of online communication, that is a false assumption. According to The Digital Universe Email is still the main form of online communication. Email. numbers have risen 5.4% since 2011-2012.


When it comes to text messages there are over About 4.1 billion text messages are sent per day in the U.S., according to Answers Corporation. Text messages have become so popular and has become a very common form for communicating. In the old days people would have to wait three days before getting news from someone else. Now it can take less then five seconds to receive a text or some type of information. Overall there is no doubt that people in society today talk less and text more.




The Future Of Technology


The aspect of technology has always been around, that has not changed. However, what have changed are the diverse variations of technology.  Presently, we live in a world comprised of computerized technology.  In relation to the future of technology, most are looking forward to the change and convenience it will bring, while others are a little apprehensive about the upcoming new developments. Personally, I am a feeling a bit uneasy about these advances. Technology has not only changed in itself, but it has also change the people who use it.

Now, computers invade our lives with their complications. Although my generation practically grew with technology, it seems like the world considers that a privilege. Because of this, they expect more from us, having countless resources at our fingertips. Another reason I envy my mother’s era is because they were taught to use what they had, their brains. I feel like computerized technology is making the proceeding generations, for lack of a better word, stupid. The privilege my generation is supposed to be thankful for is the very thing we should resent, because we continue to be negatively affected by it.


Reading on E-readers




              NBC News put out an article highlighting the pros and cons of using E-Readers. As a future teacher I think that this is what our world is coming down to. Eventually all books will be technology based and there will no longer be printed text books.

             There are so many benefits of having a E-Reader. So many people like myself have found that having an E-Reader avoids clutter, is easy to carry, and also have book easily available.

             I love having an E-Reader because it avoids having the clutter of 100 books lying around. Once you read a book what are the chances of you picking it up and reading it again? Probably not very likely. In most cases you read it and then put it on a shelf where it sits until it is time to move it to a new place for it sit. The weight of a normal textbook is double what an E-Reader weighs. An E-Reader is usually thin and easy to carry this makes for super convenient carrying. The amount of books available on a E-Reader is infinite. Another great thing about having to buy books online, is that you do not have to wait in line at a bookstore, a book is just a few clicks away.

       Reading on an E-Reader is also really convenient. It is great to be able to pull it out of your bag and read it right there. I like not having to worry about how I am going to hold the book so the pages don’t fly all over the place. An E-Reader also is great because you can read in all different types of settings. For example, On a beach, bus, train, or even in the comfort of your own home. E-Readers are becoming the new way of reading.

        Even though E-Readers are convenient and light, they can be costly. The average E-reader is between $50-$200. It is a big investment in the beginning but at the end of the day the amount of money saved is unbelievable. Having to purchase a math textbook can cost a few hundred dollars when it can easily be rented or purchased on and E-Reader for less then $75. The E-Reader saves money!