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Connectivity is Key


Writing is constantly changing due to technology. I focus on this main theme throughout my Prezi presentation. In class we have talked about how everything can be connected.  People learn through repetition and connectivity, which is why familiar buttons such as the link or comment button can be seen throughout social media sites. Our smartphones have applications which can connect to our tablets and laptops.  Their are various applications out their that are designed to sort through articles based on your interests. This applications are designed to make reading easier. The internet is a vast wealth of knowledge and as writers we need to know and understand the proper ways to use this information, without plagiarizing or violating copy write laws.  As writers we also need to understand that writing will continue to change and as a future teacher I’m prepared to teach students the values of typing vs. writing.


Technology: Changing the Way We Write


The technology around us is constantly changing and improving, so much so that over the past decade it had changed the way we write.  As a child I always wrote with a pencil and paper when doing assignments but over the years so much has changed.  In this prezi (auto advance 20 sec.) called Technology: Changing the Way we Write I talk about what it was like growing up writing and what it is like for kids today.  I talk about mobility of new technology and how work can get done anywhere now because of technology being so transportable and much more.  Technology is changing all around us and we must constantly be learning to keep up.

The Importance of Reading


Nora Ephron writes about how reading makes her feel like she has accomplished something in the article, Reading is Everything.  She says that reading is healthy and makes us smarter. Reading is relaxing and an escape.

When I was younger I had trouble learning to read, I absolutely hated reading. I didn’t learn to read novels until 6th or 7th grade. In 8th grade I discovered that I liked books such as The Notebook, Twilight, and the Series of Unfortunate Events. This is when I started to like reading on my own the whole summer I spent much of my time at the library reading new books. I suddenly loved the feeling of being lost in the story, I felt like I was their with the characters watching it as if it were a movie. I loved reading. It was an escape for me. I would read for hours. Sadly, I don’t read as much as I used to cause of work and college but every summer I try to read a few books.

Nowadays everyone reads constantly even it they don’t think they do. Whenever you are on a social media site like Twitter or Facebook you are reading everyone’s posts. When you are looking for articles you skim the them for information. I learn a lot about articles on the internet and for a while that was how I got the local news because I didn’t have cable so I would read the articles on the MBC app on my phone. We read text messages on our smartphones. Yes, We may not be reading 2oo pages of a novel per day, but we are still reading enough to keep us engaged, and learning.




Digital Vs. Print


I found a very interesting article on twitter:

In the article on Galley Cat about how print text books lead to a higher comprehension level than digital textbooks, the author Dianna Dilworth discusses a study done with middle schoolers.

The study done at West Chester University, used middle school students.  Students were given the same reading material, in two different ways, one was in traditional print and the other was an ebook.  The study resulted in, the comprehension level was higher when the students read from traditional print.

This study presented at the American Educational Research Association in Philadelphia.  The study showed that the reason the students were not comprehending as much was because there are games and activities that go along with the eBooks.  Most would think that this would help the students understand the material better, but it in fact takes away from the material.

This information makes me think.  Should we be teaching children the most effective ways to read on a ebook? or should we be trying to have them use the traditional print textbooks for as long as possible.  In my opinion we should just start teaching what is going to be the future, and eBooks are the future.  What do you think?


Social Media and Connectivity!!


The Future of Social Media Is Mobile Tribes


Social media is changing, according to the article “The Future of Social Media Is Mobile Tribes”. Social networking is constantly changing, connectivity is the newest thing. Nowadays every app can be connected.

Twitter, Pinterest,  Facebook,  Zite,  Feedly, Pocket.

social media

All of these apps can connect to one another.

The devices we use nowadays are user friendly and easy accessible. Laptops, tablets, smartphones can all be connected using these accounts. The future of technology will continue to be mobile.  Communication is key in our society, we love keeping up with new stories and gossip.

 cell phones




Cable vs Netflix & Hulu


It’s the weekend, nothing interesting is on cable TV, this is where Netflix and Hulu comes into play. Netflix and Hulu are  sites that allows viewers to stream movies according to their interests, it also has a Kids category. These sites are convenient and user friendly, but there is a slight problem, they are beginning to worry cable companies, as these sites are very inexpensive, and some believe these sites meet their cinema needs.

Personally, I do have a Netflix account and it is very convenient when nothing worth watching is on Cable. It caters to the viewers’ entertainment needs, suggesting movies they seems to interested in based on the shows and movies previously watched, and nine out ten times they are right on track. I can certainly see why these sites are beginning to replace cable. Cable companies appear to be affordable, but as the months wear on the bill seems to get higher and higher, and the consumer do not seem to understand the reason behind the increase in prices. However, as for eliminating cable all together, I personally, would not.