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Technology in Everyday Life


In my everyday life, I work as a waitress in a small italian restaurant called Cotardos. When I look around at what I see it is unbelievable. When I was a child my mom and step dad would bring me a coloring book and crayons so that I was not bored and to be sure I was well behaved. Now I walk up to a table and the parents have a child with an iPad set up and they are watching T.V. or I walk up to a table of two adults and all I see is the two people on their phones the entire time they are having their meal. According to J.D. Bolter’s book on Writing as a technology,(pdf) “Digital technology is turning out to be one of the more traumatic remediations in the history of Western writing. One reason is that digital technology changes the “look and feel” of writing and reading”(p 24). The idea of new technologies taking over is disappointing in some aspects. The “look and feel” of sitting at a table coloring with my parents is more beneficial to me then the kids these days who get to watch T.V.

On a different note, in another area of my life, I have recently purchased an electronic reader (E-reader). Many people I know say that they would much rather enjoy a book that they can touch and turn the pages in rather then one that they read on an E-reader. This connects back to the idea of the “look and feel” of reading and writing, people reading want to feel the book. Although I am not picky recently I tend to lean toward the E-reader. I also love typing and making things on a computer rather then drawing or handwriting them myself. In a passage from Bolter’s book, Writing space: Computers, Hypertext, and the revolution of print, in Chapter 2 Writing as a Technology, he states “Electronic writing still requires our physical interactions with terrestrial materials-with the keyboard, the mouse, and the computer screen” (p 18). He is saying that even though many people want to have the physical touch of  the book or writing with a pen on paper, Bolter’s saying that typing or creating on a computer can be similar.