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Why aren’t books in high school geared towards girls?


After reading Mrs. Andersen’s blog post Are Teen Girls Seeing Themselves Reflected in What They Read?  it really made me think back to my time in high school.  While in high school I never really thought about the books we were assigned being either gender neutral or geared towards males, but thinking back almost every book we read was geared towards males.

Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies, The Great Gatsby, and 1984, all classics and all either gender neutral or male geared.  Being a girl, no wonder I was so bored with most of the reading in high school.  Even though we had no choice as students what we have to read as part of the curriculum, there needs to be some change to get at least one book geared towards girls.

Now in a college literature class many of the writers we talk about are women.  In college there is more readings geared towards women.  Even though most of the pieces are older I do find it easier to get into the readings and be motivated to finish the readings.  If we had more female geared readings in high school maybe we could get the students more interested in the work.