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Connectivity is Key


Writing is constantly changing due to technology. I focus on this main theme throughout my Prezi presentation. In class we have talked about how everything can be connected.  People learn through repetition and connectivity, which is why familiar buttons such as the link or comment button can be seen throughout social media sites. Our smartphones have applications which can connect to our tablets and laptops.  Their are various applications out their that are designed to sort through articles based on your interests. This applications are designed to make reading easier. The internet is a vast wealth of knowledge and as writers we need to know and understand the proper ways to use this information, without plagiarizing or violating copy write laws.  As writers we also need to understand that writing will continue to change and as a future teacher I’m prepared to teach students the values of typing vs. writing.


The Power of Cause and Effect



The article Practice Cause-and-Effect Thinking for Better Reading Comprehension, talks about how children will have better reading comprehension skill if they learn about cause and effect. The article states “Critical thinking skills are based on prior knowledge and experience.” The article says that a child should know that a cause is “why” something happened and the effect is “what” happened.

The article talks about easy ways to teach cause and effect on a day to day basis.

For example: If you throw a ball, the dog will most likely chase it.

If you water the plants then they will grow.

As a future teacher, I really like the idea of teaching children cause and effect at such a young age. Last year I was observing a second grade classroom, and while they were reading a story the teacher would stop and they would predict what would happen based on the “cause” of the story. They students would guess the effect or what would happen next.


The Importance of Reading


Nora Ephron writes about how reading makes her feel like she has accomplished something in the article, Reading is Everything.  She says that reading is healthy and makes us smarter. Reading is relaxing and an escape.

When I was younger I had trouble learning to read, I absolutely hated reading. I didn’t learn to read novels until 6th or 7th grade. In 8th grade I discovered that I liked books such as The Notebook, Twilight, and the Series of Unfortunate Events. This is when I started to like reading on my own the whole summer I spent much of my time at the library reading new books. I suddenly loved the feeling of being lost in the story, I felt like I was their with the characters watching it as if it were a movie. I loved reading. It was an escape for me. I would read for hours. Sadly, I don’t read as much as I used to cause of work and college but every summer I try to read a few books.

Nowadays everyone reads constantly even it they don’t think they do. Whenever you are on a social media site like Twitter or Facebook you are reading everyone’s posts. When you are looking for articles you skim the them for information. I learn a lot about articles on the internet and for a while that was how I got the local news because I didn’t have cable so I would read the articles on the MBC app on my phone. We read text messages on our smartphones. Yes, We may not be reading 2oo pages of a novel per day, but we are still reading enough to keep us engaged, and learning.




The Story Of True Love


This article, A True Love Story: Married Couple Who Never Spent a Night Apart Died Within Hours of Each Other blew my mind. I love reading stories that show real relationships.  Unlike, the notebook which is one of my favorite books. This was a real couple that loved each other so much that they left this earth within a matter of hours. Their relationship started on February 20, 1944. Kenneth and Helen were married for 70 years and had eight children together. Throughout their whole marriage, they never slept a night without each other. One of their children, Linda Cody mentions, “We knew when one went, the other was going to go.”  On April 12th, Helen passed away and 12 hours later Kenneth did the same.

I feel that this article represents the power of true love. These two people never spent one night apart and wouldn’t spend their last night apart either. I am a sap for love stories. I love stories with happy endings and although, it must have been extremely hard for their children to lose both parents so close together they know that they are in a better place now.

Communication is so important in building strong relationships like this one. My neighbor years ago explained to me how marriage works, She said, “You have to work as a team, one can’t take more responsibility then the other, you have to do everything 50/50 to succeed. Both need to have equal responsibilities.” I have been in a relationship for the past three years because I live by what she told me. Relationships are a partnership and relay on trust and good communication.



Social Media and Connectivity!!


The Future of Social Media Is Mobile Tribes


Social media is changing, according to the article “The Future of Social Media Is Mobile Tribes”. Social networking is constantly changing, connectivity is the newest thing. Nowadays every app can be connected.

Twitter, Pinterest,  Facebook,  Zite,  Feedly, Pocket.

social media

All of these apps can connect to one another.

The devices we use nowadays are user friendly and easy accessible. Laptops, tablets, smartphones can all be connected using these accounts. The future of technology will continue to be mobile.  Communication is key in our society, we love keeping up with new stories and gossip.

 cell phones




How Do We Learn?


How Do Humans Retain What We Learn?

Rep. it the Key

How do we Retain what we Learn?

When learning new information its important to use repetition, in order to retain the information. The second key to retaining information is to make connections between the new information and the old information. Aspiring to be a teacher I know its important to understand how students will retain want they learn. When kids first learn the alphabet they sing the song to help them remember all the letters. In math we learn our multiplication tables through repetition and practice.

I remember when I was in school I had trouble learning how to read and my grant grandmother every day after school would use flash cards and sit me down and I would have to read the whole stack back to her. This repetition it what helped me become a better reader.


Reading is all about recognizing the words and applying the meaning as you read. When you read a sentence your brain automatically registers the words.  Humans learn by making connections, in order to read and write you need to know the alphabet. Everything we learn builds upon previous knowledge and we are able to make the connections between the new and old information.  Everyday more and more schools are incorporating technology into the classroom, schools focus on building strong learning communities based on good communication.


The Rules of Friendship

The Rules of Friendship


16 Rules of Modern Friendship

       Communication has changed over the years including the way people retain friendships. The article “16 rules of modern friendship,” by Stephanie Karina explains how friendships have transformed over the years. Rule one states that when a friend posts a new picture on social media website you should be one of the friends to like it. “Profound friendships require that you are a loyalty liker on social media” (Karina). The second rule of being a good friend is to give the boyfriend/girlfriend a chance. However, rule number three states that the moment they breakup you are there to help mop up the pool of emotions with a good chick flick and comfort food. When my close friend Becky and Steve broke up, I called my other girl friends and we had a much-needed girls night out. We went out for dinner and had a few drinks. Then, we had a sleepover, at my place. Got two tubs of ice-cream from Wawa and watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

       Having a fight with a friend is understandable things happen, but you can only hold a grudge for few days. If you plan on staying friends you need to have a face to face chat and work things out. Rule number five, you can never get mad at your friend for being drunk and throwing up on your shoes. The list continues number six says, to hold be the “I told you so” when your friend does something stupid. Rule number seven “The role of a friend is to support rather than judge” (Karina). Is an extreme important rule to uphold. The article continues with some rules that are pretty straight forward while others are a little strange.

       In class we have learned that technology has brought many of us closer together. I feel that people are able to make friends quickly through social media. But I remember back when I was in high school, Facebook would cause a lot of drama. I saw friendships that started in elementary school end because to gossip someone posted as a Facebook status. Which relates to rule thirteen, “Friends do no let other people trash-talk or gossip about friends” (Karina).

       I found this article using the app Zite, and thought it was an interesting topic that everyone can relate too. Everyone needs to have that one person in their life to relay on. We all have a best friend and its important to maintain healthy relationships with them. So follow these simple rules and your friendship will last a lifetime.

 Friends Image




Writing in Today’s World



Everyday I use technology, both at home, for school, and at work. I work at CVS Pharmacy and we use computers to fill prescriptions everyday, we use technology to keep track of inventory. Many doctors don’t hand write out prescriptions anymore now they can be sent electronically to the pharmacy.   In Chapter Two of J.D. Bolters book titled “Writing space: Computers, hyperlink, and the remediation of print”, mentions “In the past two decades, however, computers have been recognized not only as writing technologies, but as media for popular entertainment and expression, which we are using to refashion visual as well as verbal communication” (24). I couldn’t agree more with this idea, computers and new technologies like the tablet have taken over.

In chapter one “Introduction: Writing in the Late Age of Print” I really liked this quote, “Those who tell us that the computer will never replace the printed book point to the physical advantages: the book is portable, inexpensive, and easy to read, whereas the computer is hard to carry and expensive and needs a source of electricity” (8). As much as I still love reading a book, the tablet can do so much more and holds and infinite amount of knowledge. Sadly, I feel that books are already becoming obsolete.

“Working from such raw materials as rags, animal skins,or plants to produce a finished book certainly required considerable technical knowledge” (15). I am very interested in the history or writing and how it has transformed over time. How I am now about to type these words and have them magically appear on the screen before me. When writing papers for school I used to have to write everything out by hand before typing it up on my computer. But nowadays I simply start typing my ideas out and by the end I have a pretty decent paper.