Writing books with Children



In first grade we had the amazing opportunity to write a book. The whole class worked together to write a book about what they wanted to be when they grew up. 20 years from now when I am graduating college I am going to be able to look back at that book that we had published in first grade and see the goals I had set for myself. Fortunately for me I made my mind up in first grade and I never plan to change it. Each day I go to school I am working towards my goal of becoming  teacher.

In this article Writing a book with students the activity was done in a classroom who are older then I was. This was good because it took a lot of pressure off of the teacher because he/she designated four students as the leaders. This helps children learn to work together. This project helps with collaborative work, and it also allows students to see the people around them as colleagues. There is  as well as individual work. The students each get to give their opinions, but all the ideas will be their own. Students need to learn that working together is important because in life you need to learn that you ill always need to work with people in any job you do.


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