To Much Flattery


According to the article Don’t Call Me Babe sometimes  flattery can be to much. “So with online dating, starting a conversation off with too much flattery, or the wrong kind of flattery, can be harmful to your success.” If you are looking to succeed in picking someone up online be sure to be yourself and not worry to much about the pick up lines. 

Although people love to be complimented and flattered, sometime to much can ruin any chance you may have. The girls can either read the corny pick up line and smile or cringe, and if your the guy you don’t want her to be cringing. There is a better ways to do this. When communicating to other people online try to avoid sweetie, honey, and even babe. People may think you are being tacky or are only after one thing. Try to come up with a better first impression sentence. This is how he/she will always remember you. Saying to a women “What’s up sexy?” is not going to give her a very good first impression of you.

So the next time you attempt to pick someone up, whether it be in person or online, be sure to think first. Always think of something that will lead to a greater conversation.


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