Love Never Ends


The feeling of being kissed is a feeling that you can’t explain. But when the kiss is coming from a person who you are head over heels for it is definitely indescribable. But even better then the physical aspect of another person, is the communication and connection you have with them.

Being in love and being loved makes everyone forget about life. In my case when my boyfriend plants his lips on mine, I can not think about anything else. Kissing someone when you are young is so much different then when you grow old. As young adults we don’t have as many bills to pay or places to go, we just sit back and enjoy the time together. So when it comes time to having a relationship when you are older it is extremely important to keep the communication and passion going throughout the whole relationship.

Another thing to remember is that having your first love be your only will never work. It is obvious that you will break up things will happen you will hate each other, but if the love is strong enough it will bring you back together. You as people need to continue to communicate no matter what. When people don’t communicate is when issues come about. The two people I read about in the article “My First Love Story.” Still communicate years later, they are both married and have children but they still talk once in a while. She enjoys seeing what him and his family are doing with their lives while she thinks back to high school when she thought that living together and family vacations would be done together.


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