The Story Of True Love


This article, A True Love Story: Married Couple Who Never Spent a Night Apart Died Within Hours of Each Other blew my mind. I love reading stories that show real relationships.  Unlike, the notebook which is one of my favorite books. This was a real couple that loved each other so much that they left this earth within a matter of hours. Their relationship started on February 20, 1944. Kenneth and Helen were married for 70 years and had eight children together. Throughout their whole marriage, they never slept a night without each other. One of their children, Linda Cody mentions, “We knew when one went, the other was going to go.”  On April 12th, Helen passed away and 12 hours later Kenneth did the same.

I feel that this article represents the power of true love. These two people never spent one night apart and wouldn’t spend their last night apart either. I am a sap for love stories. I love stories with happy endings and although, it must have been extremely hard for their children to lose both parents so close together they know that they are in a better place now.

Communication is so important in building strong relationships like this one. My neighbor years ago explained to me how marriage works, She said, “You have to work as a team, one can’t take more responsibility then the other, you have to do everything 50/50 to succeed. Both need to have equal responsibilities.” I have been in a relationship for the past three years because I live by what she told me. Relationships are a partnership and relay on trust and good communication.




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