Teaching Literature with Music!


I came across an article posted on twitter:

A TA at a college named, Rachel Cordasco, noticed that the students in her class would drift into another world when she began lecturing in an American Literature class.  So she thought what could she do to make it more interesting?  Music came to her mind.  This to me is a brilliant idea.  As a student in a literature class right now, i read through the list of pieces of literature she was discussing and about half of them were covered in my class this semester.  I think i would have liked my class a lot more if it had been paired with music.

Cordasco incorporated a piece of music to go along with each piece of literature she was teaching.  She used music from Jimmy Hendrix, Afro-American spiritual songs, work songs, songs of the Native Americans and American Political Marches and songs.  Cordasco used the music for when the students entered and left the class.  This made for a great starting point for the class to start and right off the bat added another dimension to the class discussion.

I would definitely use this method in my classroom.  There are so many options on Youtube now to bring music to education!  It is becoming so helpful in aiding in teaching and helping the students connect what they are learning to real life.


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  1. It is unreal how music and art change the way people look at education. When teachers incorporate music the students tend to be more engaged. I think having selections of music picked out to serve as a “sound track to the class” would be a very excellent idea. I will most definitely be integrating this into my future classroom.

  2. I agree with chelsea as well, I think it brings out another side for students and their learning. No student wants to sit a class for a good period of time being lectured about a lesson. They do not take anything from it and instead of understanding the material they are counting down the minutes until they can go home. Incorporating fun activities such as putting music to your lessons will allow the students to participate in the classroom and help them remember the information. Becoming a teacher I want my students to have a fun time in class but also take away what it is I am teaching them so I will definitely use this method in my classroom, especially for younger children.

  3. I agree with both you guys. This article really stuck out to me because I incorporate music into almost everything, especially when I am trying to remember something. I think it is amazing how the human mind works, how it encodes information through a series of rhythms. If more teachers realized how effective music can be, it would not only add enjoyment and keep students involved in the lesson, but students would remember the material more accurately.

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