Read It To Me!


In today’s busy world, some of us can barely keep pace with it all, having little time to do what needs to be done, and even less time to read. Many of us work as well as go to school, having no to time to read assigned materials, forcing us to rely on applications that are designed to read to us, so that we do not have to, making life a bit more convenient. The only problem is that researchers say it reduces comprehension. According to the article, “Our findings show that eye movements are a crucial part of the reading process,” says psychological scientist Elizabeth Schotter of the University of California, San Diego, lead author of the new study. “Our ability to control the timing and sequence of how we intake information about the text is important for comprehension. Our brains control how our eyes move through the text—ensuring that we get the right information at the right time.” I can see why we may need to follow along with a book to retain information. From experience, when something is being read to me, and I have nothing to follow along with, I tend to get restless and disinterested, and I end up not paying attention at all.

Personally, I get really tired when I have to read lengthy chapters. Because of this, I downloaded an application to my phone called Librivox, which reads to me. However, I do have the book with me to follow along. The book itself keeps me engaged in the readings so I do not feel the urge to fall asleep. I find I comprehend better when I am listening and following along as opposed to just reading, because most of the times I am not actively engaged in the text, and if I did not understand something, I would just rewind it and highlight it in my book. For me, both audio and the book are needed for comprehension.




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  1. Kaylee I agree with you, I never have the time to sit down and read a lengthy reading for homework let alone able to comprehend what it is that I am reading. I enjoy to read on my down time and even school work, if the readings are interesting I enjoy reading them. For me I have to sit down and actually read something that is on paper, it can’t be on the computer and if it is I have to print it out. It is easier for me to stay focused on what it is that I am reading and if need be I can mark up the paper with notes and highlight important information. I like what you do with downloading the app to read to you but follow along with it. I have trouble with reading comprehension and think that way would help me to better understand the material, because although something else is reading it for me I am still following along making my important annotations to the readings.

  2. When I was in grade school, I struggled learning how to read and when I was in middle school, my teachers would let me borrow the audio tape and the books in the library and thats how I learned to read, I would listen and follow along. Doing this helped me become a better reader. I enjoy reading a lot more then I ever did before, but I agree with you, I hate reading texts for school. I have trouble understanding the content and often lose interest. I’m going to try this app and hopefully it will make reading fun again. Thanks Kaylee

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