Cable vs Netflix & Hulu


It’s the weekend, nothing interesting is on cable TV, this is where Netflix and Hulu comes into play. Netflix and Hulu are  sites that allows viewers to stream movies according to their interests, it also has a Kids category. These sites are convenient and user friendly, but there is a slight problem, they are beginning to worry cable companies, as these sites are very inexpensive, and some believe these sites meet their cinema needs.

Personally, I do have a Netflix account and it is very convenient when nothing worth watching is on Cable. It caters to the viewers’ entertainment needs, suggesting movies they seems to interested in based on the shows and movies previously watched, and nine out ten times they are right on track. I can certainly see why these sites are beginning to replace cable. Cable companies appear to be affordable, but as the months wear on the bill seems to get higher and higher, and the consumer do not seem to understand the reason behind the increase in prices. However, as for eliminating cable all together, I personally, would not.




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  1. I honestly do not know what I would do without my Netflix account. Rainy night? Sunny day? No homework? Lots of homework? Either way I’m most likely procrastinating on this program. I could kind of see these things out placing cable television, because while Netflix has the movie portions covered, Hulu has a good majority of the televisions to show.

  2. I also have a Netflix account and I do not know what I could do without it. Any time of the day you can find me watching my Netflix. When I find a show that I want to watch then I am addicted to it and can’t stop. Even though I watch Netflix all the time when I’m at school, when I am home I always watch cable. I definitely do not think that we should get rid of cable all together.

  3. As some of you may know, I have an apartment and I have been cable free for two years. Rob and I only pay for the Comcast’s internet and Netflix. I absolutely love Netflix, you can basically watch whatever you want, it recommends movies based on what you’ve watched too. I watch a lot of old TV shows that I never had time to get into years ago. There are thousands of movies and they add new episodes and movies every few weeks. However, I am looking forward to having 40 channels of cable in my new apartment.

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