Writing in Today’s World



Everyday I use technology, both at home, for school, and at work. I work at CVS Pharmacy and we use computers to fill prescriptions everyday, we use technology to keep track of inventory. Many doctors don’t hand write out prescriptions anymore now they can be sent electronically to the pharmacy.   In Chapter Two of J.D. Bolters book titled “Writing space: Computers, hyperlink, and the remediation of print”, mentions “In the past two decades, however, computers have been recognized not only as writing technologies, but as media for popular entertainment and expression, which we are using to refashion visual as well as verbal communication” (24). I couldn’t agree more with this idea, computers and new technologies like the tablet have taken over.

In chapter one “Introduction: Writing in the Late Age of Print” I really liked this quote, “Those who tell us that the computer will never replace the printed book point to the physical advantages: the book is portable, inexpensive, and easy to read, whereas the computer is hard to carry and expensive and needs a source of electricity” (8). As much as I still love reading a book, the tablet can do so much more and holds and infinite amount of knowledge. Sadly, I feel that books are already becoming obsolete.

“Working from such raw materials as rags, animal skins,or plants to produce a finished book certainly required considerable technical knowledge” (15). I am very interested in the history or writing and how it has transformed over time. How I am now about to type these words and have them magically appear on the screen before me. When writing papers for school I used to have to write everything out by hand before typing it up on my computer. But nowadays I simply start typing my ideas out and by the end I have a pretty decent paper.



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