Connectivity is Key


Writing is constantly changing due to technology. I focus on this main theme throughout my Prezi presentation. In class we have talked about how everything can be connected.  People learn through repetition and connectivity, which is why familiar buttons such as the link or comment button can be seen throughout social media sites. Our smartphones have applications which can connect to our tablets and laptops.  Their are various applications out their that are designed to sort through articles based on your interests. This applications are designed to make reading easier. The internet is a vast wealth of knowledge and as writers we need to know and understand the proper ways to use this information, without plagiarizing or violating copy write laws.  As writers we also need to understand that writing will continue to change and as a future teacher I’m prepared to teach students the values of typing vs. writing.


Technology is Always Changing


Throughout this course we have read many articles that have showed us how much writing has changed. Writing has now become more then just using a pencil and paper to get down ideas. In this Prezi The Journey of Writing  I take time to explain the differences between write and writing. I also show that writing is constantly changing. It has already transformed so much just from the beginning to now, that as our years continue on the way of writing will only continue to change over time. The change of writing in my opinion has changed for the better, it has made our writing process a much speedier one. What would take us hours to write a 5 page paper is no faster due to computers. Writing is always changing and always will be.


When watching my Prezi you just have to hit play.

Technology: Changing the Way We Write


The technology around us is constantly changing and improving, so much so that over the past decade it had changed the way we write.  As a child I always wrote with a pencil and paper when doing assignments but over the years so much has changed.  In this prezi (auto advance 20 sec.) called Technology: Changing the Way we Write I talk about what it was like growing up writing and what it is like for kids today.  I talk about mobility of new technology and how work can get done anywhere now because of technology being so transportable and much more.  Technology is changing all around us and we must constantly be learning to keep up.

To Much Flattery


According to the article Don’t Call Me Babe sometimes  flattery can be to much. “So with online dating, starting a conversation off with too much flattery, or the wrong kind of flattery, can be harmful to your success.” If you are looking to succeed in picking someone up online be sure to be yourself and not worry to much about the pick up lines. 

Although people love to be complimented and flattered, sometime to much can ruin any chance you may have. The girls can either read the corny pick up line and smile or cringe, and if your the guy you don’t want her to be cringing. There is a better ways to do this. When communicating to other people online try to avoid sweetie, honey, and even babe. People may think you are being tacky or are only after one thing. Try to come up with a better first impression sentence. This is how he/she will always remember you. Saying to a women “What’s up sexy?” is not going to give her a very good first impression of you.

So the next time you attempt to pick someone up, whether it be in person or online, be sure to think first. Always think of something that will lead to a greater conversation.

Love Never Ends


The feeling of being kissed is a feeling that you can’t explain. But when the kiss is coming from a person who you are head over heels for it is definitely indescribable. But even better then the physical aspect of another person, is the communication and connection you have with them.

Being in love and being loved makes everyone forget about life. In my case when my boyfriend plants his lips on mine, I can not think about anything else. Kissing someone when you are young is so much different then when you grow old. As young adults we don’t have as many bills to pay or places to go, we just sit back and enjoy the time together. So when it comes time to having a relationship when you are older it is extremely important to keep the communication and passion going throughout the whole relationship.

Another thing to remember is that having your first love be your only will never work. It is obvious that you will break up things will happen you will hate each other, but if the love is strong enough it will bring you back together. You as people need to continue to communicate no matter what. When people don’t communicate is when issues come about. The two people I read about in the article “My First Love Story.” Still communicate years later, they are both married and have children but they still talk once in a while. She enjoys seeing what him and his family are doing with their lives while she thinks back to high school when she thought that living together and family vacations would be done together.

The Power of Cause and Effect



The article Practice Cause-and-Effect Thinking for Better Reading Comprehension, talks about how children will have better reading comprehension skill if they learn about cause and effect. The article states “Critical thinking skills are based on prior knowledge and experience.” The article says that a child should know that a cause is “why” something happened and the effect is “what” happened.

The article talks about easy ways to teach cause and effect on a day to day basis.

For example: If you throw a ball, the dog will most likely chase it.

If you water the plants then they will grow.

As a future teacher, I really like the idea of teaching children cause and effect at such a young age. Last year I was observing a second grade classroom, and while they were reading a story the teacher would stop and they would predict what would happen based on the “cause” of the story. They students would guess the effect or what would happen next.


Writing books with Children



In first grade we had the amazing opportunity to write a book. The whole class worked together to write a book about what they wanted to be when they grew up. 20 years from now when I am graduating college I am going to be able to look back at that book that we had published in first grade and see the goals I had set for myself. Fortunately for me I made my mind up in first grade and I never plan to change it. Each day I go to school I am working towards my goal of becoming  teacher.

In this article Writing a book with students the activity was done in a classroom who are older then I was. This was good because it took a lot of pressure off of the teacher because he/she designated four students as the leaders. This helps children learn to work together. This project helps with collaborative work, and it also allows students to see the people around them as colleagues. There is  as well as individual work. The students each get to give their opinions, but all the ideas will be their own. Students need to learn that working together is important because in life you need to learn that you ill always need to work with people in any job you do.

The Importance of Reading


Nora Ephron writes about how reading makes her feel like she has accomplished something in the article, Reading is Everything.  She says that reading is healthy and makes us smarter. Reading is relaxing and an escape.

When I was younger I had trouble learning to read, I absolutely hated reading. I didn’t learn to read novels until 6th or 7th grade. In 8th grade I discovered that I liked books such as The Notebook, Twilight, and the Series of Unfortunate Events. This is when I started to like reading on my own the whole summer I spent much of my time at the library reading new books. I suddenly loved the feeling of being lost in the story, I felt like I was their with the characters watching it as if it were a movie. I loved reading. It was an escape for me. I would read for hours. Sadly, I don’t read as much as I used to cause of work and college but every summer I try to read a few books.

Nowadays everyone reads constantly even it they don’t think they do. Whenever you are on a social media site like Twitter or Facebook you are reading everyone’s posts. When you are looking for articles you skim the them for information. I learn a lot about articles on the internet and for a while that was how I got the local news because I didn’t have cable so I would read the articles on the MBC app on my phone. We read text messages on our smartphones. Yes, We may not be reading 2oo pages of a novel per day, but we are still reading enough to keep us engaged, and learning.




The Story Of True Love


This article, A True Love Story: Married Couple Who Never Spent a Night Apart Died Within Hours of Each Other blew my mind. I love reading stories that show real relationships.  Unlike, the notebook which is one of my favorite books. This was a real couple that loved each other so much that they left this earth within a matter of hours. Their relationship started on February 20, 1944. Kenneth and Helen were married for 70 years and had eight children together. Throughout their whole marriage, they never slept a night without each other. One of their children, Linda Cody mentions, “We knew when one went, the other was going to go.”  On April 12th, Helen passed away and 12 hours later Kenneth did the same.

I feel that this article represents the power of true love. These two people never spent one night apart and wouldn’t spend their last night apart either. I am a sap for love stories. I love stories with happy endings and although, it must have been extremely hard for their children to lose both parents so close together they know that they are in a better place now.

Communication is so important in building strong relationships like this one. My neighbor years ago explained to me how marriage works, She said, “You have to work as a team, one can’t take more responsibility then the other, you have to do everything 50/50 to succeed. Both need to have equal responsibilities.” I have been in a relationship for the past three years because I live by what she told me. Relationships are a partnership and relay on trust and good communication.



Everyone Should Be Reading More!


In an article called 7 Unconventional Why You Absolutely Should Be Reading Books on The Huffington Post by Laura Schocker, she gives seven reasons why people should be reading books more.  Her seven reasons are:

1. Reading can help your ability to ‘read’ others thoughts and feelings

2. Reading can chill you out.

3. It could keep your brain sharp.

4. It might even stave off Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Reading may help you sleep better.

6. Getting lost in a good book could even make you more empathetic.

7. Self-help books, on the other hand, can ease depression.

Now i don’t know about reading helping your ability to ‘read’ minds, but maybe ‘read’ other people’s feelings.  I do however agree with the other six ways reading can help you.  I love to read, and nothing feels better than sitting on the beach in the summer with a great book.  It is the ultimate relaxing technique and always relieves my stress.  I also agree with reading keeping your brain sharp.  I have heard many people say that doing crosswords and word finds help you keep your brain sharp so I have no doubt that reading would do the same thing.

I feel like people aren’t reading as much as they used too, and in a poll done by HuffPost/YouGov poll they surveyed 1,000 US adults and found that 28% of them haven’t read a book in the past year!  I found that crazy! Over 1/4 of people haven’t read a book in the past year, I feel this number would be even higher if more people were surveyed.

So lets make it a point to read more this year.  Pick up a book and dive in!